Turkey has a secular democratic government with a Prime Minister, political parties both left and right and a President. It is a member of NATO, OECD and an associate member of the E.U.
The currency is the new Turkish Lira. The rate of exchange varies around 2.78TL to €1.00. The Euro is accepted in most large cities and tourist areas, as is the US Dollar and the Pound Sterling.
Summer time (May – October) is the best in Turkey for the weather and the majority of holiday resorts can be found on the southern and western coasts of the country. These places experience more than seven months of sunshine per year. Winter is much milder than many parts of Europe, however it can rain heavily and frequently. The smaller coastal resorts generally close for the winter.
There is Government and privately-owned hospitals. The private hospitals are generally 40% cheaper than their European counterparts, and the medical services are good with often one-to-one patient care. Private health insurance can also be purchased in Turkey.
Yes. Everything can be done through the property agency and local Land Registry Office.
Foreigners can buy property in their own name in certain areas of Turkey, and the process of obtaining the Title Deeds varies from resort to resort. In some areas it is as little as one months, in others, the process can take up to two – three months. A military check is carried out on the property making sure it is not in military zone before the title deeds are authorized.
Yes. Property deeds can also have more than one name on them.
You can sell at any time either privately or through us or any other company. You can do so in person in Turkey or by Power of Attorney without the need to travel out.