Mortgage Loan Information

In order to become the owner of the property is now sufficient to have half the cost of the desired object. The second half of the bank to provide excellent conditions:

  • Conditions for issuing a mortgage loan from our partner DENIZ BANK, AK BANK
  • Rate mortgage loan in dollars and euros: 6-9% per year. 90% chance of getting a home loan after checking expert.
  • The maximum term of a mortgage loan: 120 months (10 years).

The amount of mortgage loan:

  • The amount of mortgage loan: The maximum loan is determined on the basis of an assessment of solvency of the borrower, it does not exceed 50% of the appraised value of the property.
  • Currency of loans: Euro, U.S. Dollar. To obtain a mortgage, construction of the facility by 80% to be completed.
  • 50% down payment.

For credit, the following documents:

  • Foreign passport, The internal passport.
  • Income certificate from the employer. Statement from the Central Bank on credit history.
  • If you can produce documents on your existing property, cars, bank accounts, it will contribute to a positive solution of the bank. Tax number in Turkey.
  • The cost of credit, 2% of the loan amount – the cost of the operation, 500 euro– expert services.
  • + Compulsory insurance coverage apartment.