Tapu Information

1A TAPU is a title deed for property ownership in Turkey. It is an extract from the registry of Turkish real estate, and the deeds come in blue or red. They contain the owner’s photograph, location, deed type, property, and archiving data.

Red deeds are common-hold and are sub-divided into Kat Irtifaki or initial deeds, issued to the holder for owning land with an incomplete building. The Kat Mülkiyeti, the second and final deed, is issued after the building on the land is complete.  A blue TAPU, legally means the holder owns farmland or building land, with or without a house.

The property acquisition process varies, depending on the policies of the builder, but the elements are similar in most contracts. Passport details, recent 4x6cm photographs and local tax numbers are crucial documents that must be submitted to the seller, by the buyer.

A landowner should apply to the municipality within three months following the title exchange this will be included in our property tax ID number application service.